Friday, December 31

Upward and Onward in 2011!

Thanks so much to all of you who have been following our activities throughout 2010... To all of the organisations we've worked with over the past year and into 2011... 

We've accomplished as much as we have thanks to the support of our partners and friends... And 2011 has so much to bring, not least of which is Sauda's upcoming performance on the 10th of February at Sauti za Busara, Zanzibar.. Hope to see you there! 

Monday, December 6

Kazi Kichizi Forum

Kazi Kichizi is an organisation coordinating Job Matchmaking for TZ's Young Creative Entrepreneurs Young Creative Entrepreneurs in TZ..

Trinity Promotions are proud to be an employer of creative youth registered with Kazi Kichizi..

YOU are invited to the Kazi Kichizi Forum on 10th Dec @ Alliance Francaise in Dar.

Come out and let's build and professionalise the creative sector together!

Visit their website for more information!

Trinity Promotions and Mandugu Digital in Nai for Kenya Music Week

Hi Everyone!

Come see us at our Stall at Kenya Music Week at Sarit Centre, Nairobi from the 9th to the 12th December.

We have all of music on offer which make great Christmas Gifts, not to mention the Mandugu Digital T-shirt!  We can chat about our other products and services too.

Looking forward to seeing you there Nairobi!

For More Info, email Mandugu Digital or Trinity Promotions

Monday, November 15

Saturday, November 6

Sauda to perform at Sauti za Busara 2011 in Zanzibar!

Sauda and her band will be performing on the Sauti za Busara stage in the amazing Ngome Kongwe (Old Fort) in Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Come February 2011, she will be joining the incredible line-up of musicians who have traversed this stage in years past. To see Sauda's bio on the SzB site click here: SZB Artist Profile: Sauda

Don't forget to roam around the site some more to find out about all the other amazing artists who will be performing there.

We are excited to quote from the SzB site:
"...(I)n recent years Sauda decisively began to take her music into a new direction, mixing jazz with more traditional sounds of Tanzania. This progression can be heard on her latest CD, “Sauti ya Sauda” which was released at the end of 2009. Excitingly she crosses between Swahili and English lyrics, mixing together jazz, reggae, spoken word creating a new unique Tanzanian sound."

Listen to a couple of Sauda's tracks on the player above, and watch her video for Global Crisis:

See you at Busara!

Thursday, September 16

Marketing Course for Creatives @ British Council, Dar es Salaaam

A short but intense marketing course will be held this month starting Monday 20th September!

This course is an extension of what CEP and Route have offered so far, dedicating a specialist and more time to the topic of MARKETING. 

To accommodate everyone (and I really encourage everyone to make time in your schedule for this, for one, it's going to be facilitated by Jens Nielsen from the Copenhagen Business School and for another... the course is FREE to all those who have completed CEP Core I & II and the Route participants & there are 2 different sessions you can participate in.

OPTION 1.  20-22 September, (M, Tu, W) 17:00 to 20:00 
OPTION 2. 24 & 25 September (F, Sa) 09:00 to 16:00

BOOK YOUR SPACE NOW, there is limited room in each session. 

Please RSVP to Edith James by Monday 20 September 12 NOON, call the BC @ the number on the course ad or make sure you sign up for the course at the CEP Launch and Forum this Thursday, 16 Sept. 

Hope to see you there for another great course offered by the British Council and the RDE.

Tuesday, September 7

TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH! The British Council to host Creative Enterprise Forum - 16 Sept

Meet and greet with Cultural Entrepreneurs at this unique gathering.

Expert panel will be on hand for questions and answers, and have a look at a selection of goods from past participants in the Creative Enterprise Programme courses...

Call 216 5300 for more information or drop by the British Council to register.

For more information on the British Council and its programmes around the world click HERE!

Wednesday, August 25

Now Available at iTUNES & Womad Shop!

Sauti ya Sauda, now available at Womad Shop! (click here!)

UPDATE!!  Also available from iTUNES (click here!)

Sauti ya Sauda

Sauda Jazzmin
SAUTI YA SAUDA is Sauda's second Album recorded in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi and Kampala by Kenyan "super producer" Ambrose Akula Akwabi AKA Dunga. The album is an all originals production giving the listener a treat of different music genres from Reggae to Rhythm and Blues to Afro Jazz.
For more information about Sauda, her music and to VIEW THE GLOBAL CRISIS VIDEO, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, August 18

Nairobi's L-ness hits Dar es Salaam with a bang!

L-ness recently landed in Dar es Salaam, first port of call, you ask?  Fiesta 2010.  Little known outside Kenyan Hip Hop circles, L-ness made a huge impression on the Fiesta crowd, having them standing and cheering off the bat... with roars of support and applause... That's how to open a show!

"The Kenyan artiste L-ness, together with Rha (aka The Goddess), received accolades for their contribution to Kalamashaka’s project Kilio cha Haki (Cry of Justice). In the same project, L-ness, who featured highly in a song by Black Duo called Msanii says “I do music that intends to change women’s place in society.”
She continues to raise her concerns as a female hip hop MC. “We can’t all talk about clubbing, someone has got to voice out the real issues,” she adds. L-ness juggles between being a mother and a career in nutrition but her love for hip hop music enables her to persist." (Read full article about female MCs in Kenya from The Daily Nation, Kenya, HERE.)

You can catch more on L-ness on EATV in the very near future so keep your eyes and ears open!

Listen to her new singles, "Twende Kazi" and "Real Hip Hop" on our playlist..

Thursday, August 5

WOMAD to stock "Sauti ya Sauda" by Sauda

WOMAD Shop will soon stock Sauda's second CD release, "Sauti ya Sauda."  Keep your ears open cause we'll announce when it will be available.

It is currently available in Dar es Salaam, A Novel Idea locations.

GLOBAL CRISIS is the first video off her CD "Sauti ya Sauda."  The video is produced by Chapakazi Productions of Dar es Salaam, it was filmed in Sauda’s birth town of Moshi Tanzania. It was launched in mid November at the Alliance Francaise in Dar es Salaam and debuted on the 4th of December 2009 on East Africa Tv Dar es Salaam.

The album was produced by Ambrose Akula Akwabi of Mandugu Digital. 
Recently, Sauda was interviewed on BBC Swahili TV, you can watch the interview in Kiswahili below:

 Read an interview with Sauda which appeared in The Daily News earlier this year, written by Carol Uliwa. 
Visit Sauda's webpage as well.  

Sunday, August 1

Fresh Artist Collaboration to bring a New Flava of Music to Bongo and Beyond.

Renowned  East African producer Ambrose Akwabi aka Dunga of Mandugu Digital and rising star Tanzanian poet Pretty Poet (Jacqueline Kibacha) announce their first global release.  The track, entitled Mean Love is available to download on iTunes worldwide, Amazon and Napster.

PRETTY POET is a Creative Strategist artistically documenting and responding to the struggles that exist in a Woman’s world and the tensions of the human soul within, through poetry and words spoken. With a background in policy and community engagement as well as events, music and theatre, Pretty Poet has cultivated an eclectic music taste.  The weight and richness of her voice is matched with lyrical content that is thought provoking, therapeutic and socially aware. 
Words are her passion and poetry is her art.

Ambrose Dunga is a producer and studio owner who has worked with studios such as 41 Records and his own, Mandugu Digital Studios with artists such as M1, Loon,  Sauda Simba, Nakaaya, Kama of Kalamashaka, Matonya, Joh Makini among many others on single and album projects.

He continues to be a trend and standard setter  in the music  industry and in artist development, and will continue to build on those foundations to create an entertainment empire.

Ambrose Dunga and PRETTY POET are currently in studio working on an album which they hope will spark a renaissance fire rebirthing the ancient art of poetry and bringing it up to date and back on the cultural radar both inside and outside Africa.  As well as some exciting collaborations this new duos album will fuse Pretty Poet’s love for words and artistry for with Dunga’s unmistakable flair in music production that makes music sound like home.

Mean Love is the first single available to download form iTunes, Amazon and Napster. You can also listen to it on the home page Playlist

For more information, contact:
Trinity Promotions:
Jacqueline Kibacha:
Ambrose Akula Akwabi: