Wednesday, August 18

Nairobi's L-ness hits Dar es Salaam with a bang!

L-ness recently landed in Dar es Salaam, first port of call, you ask?  Fiesta 2010.  Little known outside Kenyan Hip Hop circles, L-ness made a huge impression on the Fiesta crowd, having them standing and cheering off the bat... with roars of support and applause... That's how to open a show!

"The Kenyan artiste L-ness, together with Rha (aka The Goddess), received accolades for their contribution to Kalamashaka’s project Kilio cha Haki (Cry of Justice). In the same project, L-ness, who featured highly in a song by Black Duo called Msanii says “I do music that intends to change women’s place in society.”
She continues to raise her concerns as a female hip hop MC. “We can’t all talk about clubbing, someone has got to voice out the real issues,” she adds. L-ness juggles between being a mother and a career in nutrition but her love for hip hop music enables her to persist." (Read full article about female MCs in Kenya from The Daily Nation, Kenya, HERE.)

You can catch more on L-ness on EATV in the very near future so keep your eyes and ears open!

Listen to her new singles, "Twende Kazi" and "Real Hip Hop" on our playlist..

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