Monday, July 25

Swahili4Kids - Tuimbe Pamoja Available in Dar es Salaam

Trinity Pro-Motions is happy to share with all Dar es Salaam this great CD for young children... 

CDs are available at all A Novel Idea locations, in Dar es Salaam, Steers, Slipway, Oyster bay Shopping Centre,  and Shoppers Plaza - Mikocheni, Stonetown, Zanzibar, as well as in Arusha and Iringa

About Swahili4kids:

Swahili4kids was created out of a heartfelt desire to bring Swahili music for children into the homes of children everywhere. Our music is designed to create a fun, learning environment where children are invited to sing, dance and experience the magic of music.

Living outside of East Africa we came to the experience of how difficult it is to teach our children Swahili, especially without the proper medium such as children songs and audible stories in Swahili. Knowing how interested children are in music and how magical the music experience can be for all of us, we found it natural to create Swahili4kids.

For more information about this great project, visit our site here. 

In addition to "Tuimbe Pamoja" you can find CDs by The Kilimanjaro Band, Maya wa Bongo, Sauda Simba, Kama (of Kalamashaka), and a compilation of tracks called "Mandugu Digital Vol. I" produced by Mandugu Digital Studios' own, Ambrose Akula Akwabi.  Check out Gedanda by ENIKA in our player above, it's on VolI!!

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