Friday, February 25

Creativity & Innovation Forum and Workshop

Hi everyone,

We all work hard at keeping our work interesting, and at finding creative solutions to our business and promotional challenges.  This forum and workshop, offered by the British Council in Dar es Salaam - is a fantastic way to get started thinking in a new creative direction...

Give yourself a break! Innovate!

Please contact the British Council for more info.. Hope to see you there...

Wednesday, February 16

Sauda Rocks at Sauti za Busara Festival! ***UPDATED


Hi all.. You can see Sauda's Sauti za Busara performance on CAPITAL TV (Tanzania) TUESDAY 22 Feb at 19:00.  Please don't miss this!! 

Watch the video for Global Crisis HERE!   This is the first video from her album titled Sauti ya Sauda, available at all A Novel Idea bookshops in Tanzania, New Metro at Westgate Shopping plaza in Nairobi, Kenya, and internationally at and

Hi Everyone!

Oh to see the light of day is a wondrous thing!  After many weeks of busy work and rehearsals and other preps, Sauda finally did her thing on stage at Sauti za Busara last thursday, the 10th of Feb.

I should let the media coverage speak for itself... *ear to ear grin...  Thanks to all who supported us on our journey this far, and a big welcome to new fans as well.. Karibuni!  but most of all... THANK YOU!