Monday, September 12

HUSA's New Children's Home Opens in Kimamba, Tanzania

Through the efforts of a whole lot of people, coordinated by Sarah Pollock, HUSA (Human Sympathy Association, Kimamba (Tanzania) have moved into their new home.

Waiting for the Launch to begin... 
Sitting in the background, Sarah watched the procedures.. 
During Sarah's moving thank-you speech. 

Sauda and I handing over some craft materials to one of the HUSA
kids during the Launch Ceremony. 

Just some of the fun the kids were having...

There were a good number of pledges and donations made on the day by Community members and visitors alike.  From sacks of beans and rice, cooking oil and even free haircuts! Among the contributions were vouches of support for secondary education for several of the  kids, and we were happy to pledge 100,000/- on behalf of Trinity Promotions, and our partner, Mandugu Digital pledged a keyboard.

Please visit the HUSA Google Site for the whole story of the updates.  
Great job, Sarah, and everyone... Much Respect! 

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