Friday, October 21

"Little Gem" Tickets on Sale Now!

Tickets on sale at all “A Novel Idea" bookshops,
only 15,000/- each

Sometimes it’s laugh out loud funny, sometimes it moves you to tears: Little Gem is the story of three women, their lives, their loves, their losses.

Reviews.“Elaine Murphy's delightful first play more than lives up to its title. Its quiet ordinariness is part of its appeal. Telling the story of three generations of women from a single Dublin family, seen over the course of a year, it takes the form of entwined monologues that teasingly build a complex and touching portrait of these women's unremarkable but fully lived lives.” Lyn Gardener, The Guardian “Lovely, life-affirming work…one of those rare plays that leave you feeling better about life when you leave the theatre than you did when you entered.” Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

A summary of the play from the reviews:
Lively teenager Amber, recently out of school and working in a call centre, is besotted with her new boyfriend Paul and fond of a night on the sambuca in Dublin’s Temple Bar. Her mother, Lorraine, is a shop assistant, long abandoned by her feckless, thieving junkie of a husband. She is suffering from depression and mild OCD and is counselled by her “head doctor” to do one “nice thing for herself each week” so she takes up salsa dancing and meets a chap. The third character is Amber’s granny and Lorraine’s mother, Kay, trying to cope with the fact that her beloved husband Gem has recently suffered a stroke. She deeply misses their former sex life.

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