Thursday, October 25

Hassan Maajar Trust (HMT) and Tigo team up to donate desks for 2000 students in Njombe

Happy kids from Njombe receiving desks from Hassan Maajar Trust and Tigo
Tigo and HMT donate desks - kids testing them out
Studying is serious business!

Tigo and HMT donate desks in Njombe
Left to right - Executive secretary of HMT, Zena Maajar Tenga, Njombe RC retired Captain Asery Msangi  and Tigo Njombe Sales Manager Ladislaus Karlo at desk handover 

With a dire shortage of desks and classrooms in Tanzania and rural areas in particular , it was a day of jubilation at Ruhuji Primary School when the school, along with some other districts , in Njombe region, received 680 desk recently.

Njombe region was the first among 5 regions chosen at the Hassan Maajar Trust ( HMT) inaugural fundraiser in December 2011 for desk donations.

In March 2012 HMT linked up with Tigo on their 'Tigo Tuchange initiative', whereby Tigo Rusha customers had their money matched by Tigo between 11am and 12 noon on March 2nd. The funds raised went to  HMT for their  ‘’A desk for every child’ campaign.
Twenty-six million Tanzanian shillings was raised by 'Tigo Tuchange' and with these funds HMT, using local suppliers in Njombe produced 680 desks.

‘Tigo is pleased to see the money raised by its Tigo Rusha customers translate into such a worthy cause as desks, for schools in need,”  said Tigo Iringa Sales Manager Ladislaus Karlo.

At the official handover ceremony ,the desks were received by the Njombe Regional Commissioner (rt) captain Asery Msangi on behalf of the region and the districts . The receipient districts were Njombe, Makete,Ludewa and Wangi’ngombe. HMT and Tigo were represented by executive director, Zena Maajar Tenga and Iringa Sales Manager for Tigo, Ladislaus Karlo respectively.

Tigo support SME Forums to invigorate SME business

The Tigo Mwanza Team welcomed more than 300 entrepreneurs and SME reps at a business forum, aimed at networking, improving communication and assisting SMEs to grow.

Tigo launches SME forums and Teleco Solutions
Herbert Louis of Tigo introduces himself to the attendees and goes on to explain about Tigo Telco Solutions

Tigo SME Forum MC engages with attendees
Costatine Magavilla the MC for the evening engages with attendees
There was also a presentation on how to have more success applying for a bank loan from Ridhiwani Kassimu, Relationship Officer, NBC Bank, Mwanza.

Wednesday, September 19

Tigo invests in social entrepreneur project to benefit children

At the heart of this programme is a social benefit for children.  Tigo proposes to provide salary support of 25,000usd per year to 3 social entrepreneurs a year for three years.  That would mean nine entrepreneurs would stand a chance to enter the programme.  Each entrepreneur must  follow the guidelines and requirements Tigo has set up, and their performance and progress would be gauged against Key Performance Indicators each year.  There will be a period of incubation and mentorship as well.

What we as a country stand to gain, is after 3 years the social enterprises may be in the position to lift their businesses off the ground, become sustainable and provide social benefit to children for many years into the future.

If you're a social entrepreneur and want to hand in your proposal, visit any Tigo Customer Service centre for details, or visit to apply online.

Great initiative, Tigo, keep it up.

Read details in Kiswahili below:

Monday, September 10


A shy, happy Sadra Hassan (9) was one of  30 children living with disability in Zanzibar who received wheelchairs from Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd., of Canada and their Tanzanian Joint Venture company, Wigu Hill Mining Company Limited on Saturday September 8, 2012. The wheelchairs, specifically designed for children, were manufactured by Wheelchairs For Kids of Australia.

‘We are delighted to be able to extend our assistance to the children on the Isles and be part of improving the quality of life for them, their parents and guardians. Today marks the commencement of a broader program where a further 130 wheelchairs will be distributed to children in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro Region.’ said Montero County Manager, Grant Pierce.

The handover was officiated at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Stone Town, Zanzibar who sourced the recipients and arranged the event.

‘Rotary is involved in a number of community projects in Zanzibar and we regard children with disabilities as amongst the most needy in our society. This is a wonderful day for them,’ said Rotarian Stephi Said.

The chairs are an improved design on the conventional wheelchair, have better maneuverability and are fully adjustable so can be fitted to each child’s size and needs.

Monday, August 20

Tigo brings joy to Chakuwama and Istiqama orphanages for Eid celebrations

Tigo Public Relations Officer, Alice Maro (center), hold Hassan Amiri as he
loads into the meter the one year's supply of LUKU recently dontated to the
Chakuwama Home and Orphanage in Sinza, in celebration Eid. Looking in is Tigo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer,
Woinde Shisael.

Tigo has donated an assortment of food items to Istiqama and Chakuwama Home and Orphanage in Sinza, in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid . Chakuwama also received a year’s supply of LUKU.

The handover ceremony for the donation was held at the Chakuwama, and the food items were presented on behalf of Tigo by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer, Ms Woinde Shisael, and received by Saida Hussein (Mama Hadija) of Chakuwama  and Zaida Nuru of Istiqama.

Sacks of sugar, flour, rice, boxes of juice and gallons of cooking oil were donated to Istiqama.  One of the most immediate needs for Chakuwama is a regular source of electricity. Tigo was pleased to met this need by donating a year’s supply of LUKU to light up their home.

Monday, July 16

Tigo celebrates G20 award

16 July, 2012, Dar es Salaam. Tigo has announced today that Millicom International Cellular S.A (MIC), the Group Company, has been recognized as one of 15 winners in the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation. The Challenge was launched as a one off competition by the Mexican President during the Cannes G20 Summit on November 3-4, 2011.  

Millicom has been recognized for making mobile telephony affordable to the lowest earners in developing countries by making Tigo branded voice and data services accessible and easily available in its 13 emerging markets in Africa and Latin America. The recent introduction of Tigo mobile financial services currently available in countries where Millicom operates has also been identified as an enabler of financial inclusion for the unbanked population.

In Tanzania alone where over 10 million people own mobile phones, Tigo is well positioned to maintain its regional leadership position in the industry, with its big portfolio of products and services that is supported by a strong brand and a good customer satisfaction experience.

“We are delighted to have won this prestigious award which recognizes us for our innovation and our financial, environmental and social sustainability,” said Mr Diego Gutierrez, General Manager of Tigo. “We are committed to providing the technological capabilities that will enable us to provide a superior quality of experience to our customers while contributing to the wellbeing and development of the country,” he said.

The Challenge winners were announced and presented with awards at the G20 Leaders Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico on June 18, 2012. A judging panel of 12 renowned international experts from the private sector, academia, international organizations and the G20 chose the 15 winners.

About Tigo
Tigo started operations in 1994 as the first cellular network in Tanzania. It now covers 26 regions in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.  Tigo strives to be Tanzania’s most innovative mobile phone operator, offering services ranging from affordable mobile voice communications to high speed Internet access and mobile financial services through Tigo Pesa.

Tigo is part of Millicom International Cellular S.A (MIC) which provides affordable, widely accessible and readily available cellular telephony services to more than 43 million customers in 13 emerging markets in Africa and Latin America.

For further information visit:

Issued by: Alice Maro • PR-Tigo • Mobile +255 713 123754

Tuesday, May 22

Tigo Brings the Party to Muheza, Rombo, Same and Karatu

In the last few weeks, our friends at Tigo have been sharing their great products and services at parties in Muheza, Rombo, Same and Karatu.. So, Tigo brings the love to you!

A young boy in Muheza, showing off his dance moves.

Up close and personal, in Muheza... 
Tigo gave away loads of t-shirts and other prizes at all of the rural parties, through competitions and  bonanzas.

Tuesday, May 8

Tigo's Rural Party lifts Rombo up!

This colourful snap was taken at the Tigo Party in Rombo on the May 1st Holiday! 

Tigo is sharing the love across the country, taking its affordable products and services to the people.  The crowd was entertained for the afternoon... 

Monday, April 30

Tigo supports student career event at the IFM Career Day for Universities and Colleges

Tigo this past Saturday, 25 April, 2012, sponsored the Career Day which was held in Dar es Salaam.

The fair was a means of introducing aspiring students and HR personnel to IFM departments. The 7 departments - banking, insurance, tax, accounting, computer science, IT and social protection competed against each other in presentations. They talked about what each department was doing and showed how  practical and relevant  the courses were for the current job market.

Institute for Finance Management (IFM )Board Chairman for Finance, Charles Nyoni (middle) cutting the tape before touring the various booths for the IFM Career Day for Universities and Colleges which was sponsored by Tigo.
Left is the head of  IFM, Prof Mjema and a student, Dorthea Msofe

The GOH Dr Nyoni  encouraged students to grab opportunities  that are out there and to make informed decisions from all the information available before plunging into any  career. 

The fair ran from 9am to 3pm.  About 1000 people passed through the event during the course of the day.

Apart from the IFM departments, others that displayed were ITEC, the International Student Organisation, Postal Bank and Tigo. Representatives from UDSM, Utali College, CBE, and Public Service College were also present.

The competition winners were the Insurance Department scooping 200,000/-, followed by the Social Protection Department which netted 150,000/- and the Accounting Department who took home 100,000/-. Each winning group received certificates as well. 

The organiser, chairman Bertinus William, who is also the Minister for Education at IFM, said the fair was extremely successful adding that Tigo as one of the main sponsors has shown a commitment to supporting education among the youth and and in the case of IFM in areas where there will be opportunities for employment in the various departments of the telecom company in the near future.

Friday, April 20

Improving Children's Education - One school at a time

 Mdokonyole Primary School in Morogoro Rural is a ward school built by the local community in 2002.  It has 173 students but 5 teachers. It has 7 streams but only 2 classrooms.

In 2008, 27 students sat for the national primary exams 25 passed. In 2009, out of 35 students, 21 passed. In 2010, out of 20 students 19 passed; in 2011 out of 30 students who took the exam 26 passed. 

Despite the harsh learning environment this is the number one school in academic results in the ward.

TPL director Sauda, has embarked on a mission to mobilise, on any scale, resources to improve the environment for these talented children and dedicated teachers'. "I believe that the worst thing to waste is a child’s developing mind," she says. 

Kids at the Mdokonyole Primary School, sitting on logs on a dirt floor in one of the classrooms. 

A happy day, once the plaster has been applied! (visit the facebook page for views of the floor in various stages of being laid).

Through a face book page campaign dubbed Action Tanzania,  Tsh 2,750,000  has been raised to date with several pledges pending. 

This money is going toward plastering, flooring and provision of much needed desks.  "This is a movement and we are gaining momentum; Action Tanzania and all its supports are going to continue to raise funds for school materials and the construction of more classrooms." Sauda asserts.  

Join the Action Tanzania Group on its Facebook page. 

Tuesday, April 17

Tigo improves lives - supports Ngorongoro Marathon in malaria campaign

Excitement all around this past weekend in Karatu at the Tigo Ngorongoro Half Marathon where this year,  Fabian Joseph emerged ahead of the pack on the men's side, and Jacqueline Sakilu for the women. 

Tigo pushing sports and well-being at the Zara Charity organised Ngorongoro Half Marathon

Jacqueline Sakilia receiving her first prize earnings from Tigo rep. Edward Shila.

The annual event, organised by Zara Tours Charity, took place this past weekend and aimed at reducing malaria by raising awareness about the issue.

Wednesday, April 11

Out with the running shoes for the Tigo Ngorongoro Marathon

Any means to create awareness about the number one killer in Africa-Malaria, deserves to be applauded.

Tigo is a major supporter of the recently announced 5th edition of the Tigo Ngorongoro Marathon to kick off in Karatu on Saturday 14th April. We are dusting off our running shoes and will at least take part in the  fun run, should be lots of fun for a great cause!

Press conference announcement : Mr. Peter Mwita, Tanzania Olympic Committee member (far left) Ms. Alice Maro (2nd left),  Tigo Public Relations Officer at Tigo, Mr. Edward Shila, Tigo Events and Promotions Coordinator and Mr. Silvery Tesha (right), the  Ngorongoro Half Marathon Coordinator for Zara Charity.

Tigo Rocked Dar at the Easter Bonanza!

We were happy to take the family to the Easter Bonanza this past weekend at TTCL grounds, at Sayansi sponsored by Tigo...

Dully Sykes bustin a move at this past weekend's Tigo Easter Bonanza at the TTCL grounds in Sayansi.

The kids danced and danced, and ate and ate! It was a nice Sunday and affordable too.. Thanks Tigo... 

Monday, April 9

Tigo proudly sponsors next week's Ngorongoro Marathon

Last year, more than 3000 people ran in the Ngorongoro Marathon, and Karatu is once again getting  ready for another edition of this great race.

The 5th edition of the Ngorongoro Marathon is going to take place this coming weekend, 14th April, 2012.

above and right - The winners of the Kid's Marathon receiving their medals. 

"On your marks!" Runners starting out at the Ngorongoro Marathon, in the 2011 edition. 

We are happy to see among the sponsors: Zara Tours, TIGO,  USAID, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), who are putting TZ on the global sports map, as well as contributing to reducing malaria in the continent.

Way to go!

Friday, March 30

Hon. Dr. Cyril Chami opens Cutting Edge Tigo Customer Care Centre at Dar’s Mlimani City

Tigo Tanzania CFO Hilda Damas elaborates on Tigo Bima product to Hon Dr. Cyril Chami, the Minister for Industry and Trade at the newly revamped Customer Care Centre in Mlimani City Mall Dar es Salaam.

TPL says Kudos Tigo for setting a new standard in Tanzania by listening to your customers and creating such a cool space for doing business. 

Tigo Tanzania CFO Hilda Damas elaborates on Tigo Bima product to Hon Dr. Cyril Chami, the Minister for Industry and Trade aks Tigo Tanzania CFO Hilda Damas some crucial questions on Tigo Bima. 

Monday, March 26

Tigo gives 15 more tricycles to disabled group to build entrepreneur project

Tigo has completed their Tricycle handovers this past weekend, finalising the series of handovers in Arusha.

Elirusi Kaaya akikabidhiwa Baiskeli na Mstahiki Meya wa Arusha Gaudance Lyimo

Fifty disabled persons in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Arusha are now equipped not only with tricycles, but with new Tigo Pesa and Tigo Rusha businesses.  With these new ventures, the 50 stand an increased chance to to earn a living, and improve the standard of living of themselves and their families. Good Stuff.

Tigo tells us this was part of one of their ongoing CSR efforts to contribute to improving the health of Tanzanians.

READ MORE HERE in The Guardian report.

Friday, March 23

Saving Lives in Bagamoyo: Tigo - Rotary Free Medical Camp

Big-up to Tigo who last weekend sponsored the Tigo - Rotary Medical Camp, which was free.   More than 750 people came to the clinic to be tested and screened.  

Hadija having her blood pressure checked at the Tigo - Rotary Free Medical Camp -
Hadija Mwanapiadi having her blood pressure checked by 
Twitike Mwamundela during the Tigo-Rotary Free Medical Camp clinic 
at Kerege Matumbi Primary School

Rotary Club volunteer taking down patient details at Tigo - Rotary Free Medical Camp in Bagamoyo
Noah Atallah, a volunteer for Rotary Club, takes down Mohamed
Pazi's details during the registration process for the Tigo-Rotary Free
Medical Camp clinic in Kegere Primary School in Bagamoyo. 

More info in Kiswahili can be found HERE

Saturday, March 17

Tigo supports Tanzanian children through Tuchange campaign

A few days ago we posted about Tigo and their Tigo Tuchange campaign, through which they were encouraging Tigo customers to contribute to a fundraising campaign in support of education.

We are extremely happy to report that this campaign has netted about 26 Million Tanzanian Shillings which will be handed over to the HASSAN MAAJAR TRUST in support of their Desks for Children programme.

Click HERE find out more about Tigo Tuchange and the partnership with the Hassan Maajar Trust, please click

Way to go guys!

Tigo supports Tanzanian children through Tuchange campaign

Monday, March 12

Tigo tricycle handover equips new entrepreneurs

A proud mama wheels her son and her new tricycle and is ready for business. 
Tigo this past Saturday, handed 26 tricycles to members of the Association of Entrepreneurs living with Disability.  The recipients, in addition to receiving new wheels, were trained on Tigo Rusha, Tigo Pesa and agency business skills as part of Tigo's CSR programme to improve health in Tanzania.

Read the full press release here.

Saturday, March 10

Tigo raising funds for Twiga Stars

Tigo is once again raising funds to improve lives in Tanzania.  Twiga Stars national women football team are the beneficiaries.  

Tigo through its ‘Tigo Pesa’ will launch the initiative which is aimed at helping Twiga Stars to get money from Tanzanians and other soccer lovers.

The contributions will help Twiga Stars to prepare for the coming international tournament.

Read more on our CSR page HERE.

Sunday, March 4

Tigo Tuchange raises awareness and funds for Education in Tanzania!

The Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Hon. Shukulu Kawambwa cuts the tape officiating the launch of the Tigo CSR initiative  Tigo Tuchanga this past Saturday, 3rd March, 2012,  from right is the Tigo Consumer/Deputy General Manager, Diego Gutierrez and the Zena Tenga, the Managing Director of the Hassan
Maajar Trust, one of the recipients of the campaign.
Tigo Tuchange is an initiative aimed at improving primary education by assisting to provide desks, books and other needed materials to schools throughout Tanzania. This was its second effort and by all accounts it was a very successful event!

You can find more info about Tigo online by visiting their site.

And more about Tigo's Tuchange campaign of last year as well as the Hassan Maajar Trust here as sourced from Corporate Digest.

Thursday, March 1

Tigo TuChange to boost education sector

Hi all, again our guys at Tigo are leading the way when it comes to supporting education in Tanzania.  Follow this link to the Press Release for "Tigo TuChange to boost education sector", an exciting initiative that's going to happen on Saturday the 3rd of March... We can all take part and STILL make those important calls!

Wednesday, February 29


Good Day Good People!  

The way we see it, if an organisation has a great programme and we stand a chance to improve our lives through it, it's a good thing.  These Samsung laptops are no joke, either!  it came with a built in solar panel so is way more friendly to the environment..  We say (with a little green-eyed envy) Congratulations to all the winners! 

Tigo Tanzania Public Relations Officer, Alice Maro (left) handing over a dummy cheque worth Tsh4 million to Ezekiel Jackson Bahati, one of the winners in a promotion done by the mobile phone operator.  Centre is Pamela Shelukindo, Tigo’s Quality Specialist.
By Evodius Joseph
Tigo Tanzania has concluded a national promotion yesterday which saw 19 participants walking away with Tsh4 mln each, as first prize winners while 38 lucky Tanzanian were each awarded Samsung laptops.
“We would like to thank everyone who participated in this promotion as well as to congratulate all winners,” said Alice Maro, Public Relations Officer at Tigo.
The promo which ran from 30th November 2011 to 19th February 2012 awarded a total of Tsh328 million worth in cash prizes and other gifts.

We came across this story in Corporate Digest. 

Way to go, Tigo! 

Thursday, February 23

Call International Long Distance on TIGO: Win a paid-for trip!

Instead of just wishing you could go see your sister, cousin, boyfriend, grandma, or anyone else you call internationally, you could go to visit them in person!  We think Tigo's new International Long Distance contest is exciting because just spending 1000 Tsh on a long distance phone call automatically qualifies you!

Aileen P. Meena Post and High Segment Manager (left) clarifying a point during a press conference held at Tigo new headquarters located at Kijitonyama.
She is flanked by Alice Maro, Public Relations of Tigo

By Evodius Joseph
Tigo has introduced and international long distance promotion which will reward one lucky winner with a  trip to any destination that he or she calls the most including Canada, China, India, UK or USA.

The promotion has started from today to April 22 of this year, whereby customers who will spend more than Tshs1,000 on international calls will automatically qualify to participate.
“Given the overwhelming success of the last promotions, we’ve to give our pre-paid and postpaid subscribers yet another chance to win great prizes,” said Alice Maro, Public Relations Officer at Tigo. “Make the international call now and you could be jetting off,” she added.
In addition to that the promotion will involve 50 winners, under which the first 49 winners will be awarded Tigo bags containing Tigo T-shirt, pens, key holders and ideos smart phone. The 50th winner will be awarded the main prize, which includes a return ticket and accommodation. Details will be made available to the winner on finalizing of travel arrangements.
The 50 winners will be selected randomly in the presence of a Gaming Board inspector at the end of the promotion. Customers will contracted with numbers they used when they make international call participants must be in possession of a valid Tanzania identity document and a valid passport at the time of entry.

Thanks to Corporate Digest for this update. 
We just like to share cool opportunities with you, please visit TIGO for more info on their products and services. 

Sunday, February 19

Authentic and original... East African Music available at All A Novel Idea shops in TZ

You know, sometimes we struggle for time to touch base on the stuff that moves our souls...

So much is going on in the music scene in East Africa, Sauti za Busara has just ended, and was an excellent break from the grind of our daily lives here in Dar, and to that end, we've picked up some great titles (which we are trying to come to agreements on to distribute here) from artists from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

In the meantime, please visit A Novel Idea Bookshop in Dar es Salaam: Oyster Bay, Steers on Samora Ave., Shoppers Plaza and the Slipway, in Arusha and in Zanzibar, for the selections below... All original East African selections we are proud to be offering.


If you are an artist and you have a CD you would like us to consider adding to our Distribution List, please email music (at)

We at Trinity Promotions and Mandugu Digital are committed to bringing authentic original music to you!  Let's do this!

Saturday, February 18

Tanzania: Kilimeru Maintain Winning Spree in Tigo Cricket Meet


Tanzania: Kilimeru Maintain Winning Spree in Tigo Cricket Meet

Not only are Tigo busy with providing Tanzania with excellent products and services at great value, they support sport as well.  We found the following story on

KILIMERU Sports maintained its impressive run of form in group A of the Tigo Trophy cricket tournament with an eight-wicket victory over A To Z Club at the latter's venue in Arusha earlier this week.
Arusha Regional Cricket Committee (ARCC) has organized the tournament under sponsorship from Tigo in support of the Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) efforts to promote the sport in the country. Despite playing at their own backyard, A To Z cricketers failed to fully exploit their opportunities particularly with the bat and were punished by their no nonsense opponents in the process.
A To Z opted to start batting in the game and posted 144 runs for nine wickets in 19.4 overs, a total that the team surprisingly failed to defend during their opponents' chase. Tinson Kottackal scored 48 runs in what turned out to be the best innings in the A To Z squad while fellow batsmen contributed some runs to eventually help their side record the triple digit total in the end.
Iqbal Butt (3-17) and Abbas Lalji (2-18) had a good day with the ball for Kilimeru Sports and their efforts inspired team mates to go for resolute fielding, a move that played crucial role in frustrating plans by A To Z to post a much more challenging total. On reply, Kilimeru Sport confidently chased their opponents' score for the loss of only two wickets in 16.2 overs to continue staying in better position to progress to the next stage of the event.
Butt (68 runs) showcased his big hitting prowess to put his side in control of the innings as fellow batsman, Mohamedraza Lalji (34 runs not out) offered crucial support in the successful chase. It happened to be the first heavy defeat for A To Z Club in the campaign and the team needs to chalk out wins in forthcoming games should it wish to stay within reach of qualification for the next stage. In another group A's match played at the same venue earlier, Lion Kings XI thrashed Arusha TCA Development by 111 runs to revive hopes of snatching one of the top spots in the group.
The winners started to bat in the game and recorded 150 runs for the loss of only three wickets in the scheduled 15 overs, with Vinoraj Sheluweil (69 runs not out) and Parth Joshi (34 runs) emerging as notable contributors to the team's total. Arusha TCA Development youngsters, in response, failed to chase the score after managing paltry 39 runs for 7 wickets in the scheduled 15 overs to consequently prolong the losing streak. Lucky Fued had an impressive bowling figure of 2-4 for Lion Kings XI, who capitalized on their opponents' inexperience to grab victory.
Arusha TCA Development continued to suffer back to back defeats after losing by 153 runs at the hands of Annadil Ezzi in another match played at the same venue later. Annadil Ezzi started batting and scored 174 runs for three wickets in the allotted 20 overs, in which Quresh Karimjee (63 runs), Muffadal Kurban (32 runs) and Ammar Chomoco (24 runs not out) contributed substantially to the team's total.
In response, Arusha TCA Development faltered after posting just 21 runs for five wickets in 12 overs. Hussein Khanbhai (2-1) was the most impressive bowler in the Annadil Ezzi squad as he successfully led his side in limiting Arusha TCA Development to the low score. In group B, Wanderers Cricket Club's winning spree continued as the team garnered a seven-wicket victory over Swamibapa SC in a match played at the TGT venue the same day.
The losers started to bat and scored paltry 74 runs, losing all wickets in the scheduled 13 overs, with Anil Patel (20 runs) finishing as the batsman with the highest number of runs. Wanderers' Russell Hastings had a fantastic bowling spell to finish with a figure of 5-11 as Ian Coulquhon took 3-6.
On reply, Wanderers mounted a successful chase for the loss of three wickets in mere 7.4 overs, with Mike Becknor nailing unbeaten 49 runs to steer the team to the win. Although Swamibapa's Vikram Patel battled during his bowling spell to claim 3-11, Wanderers stood firm to cruise to the win.
Tagged: East AfricaSportTanzania

This post was found on and was sourced from The Daily News

Wednesday, February 15

Thursday, February 9

Motorbike Giveaway in Misungwi, Mwanza - Tigo Tanzania Helps Improve Health Services in the Region.

Tigo CSR -  Leading the way to better health care 

The mobile network provider, TIGO Tanzania, has donated five motorbikes to Misungwi District Council in Mwanza Region to facilitate in the discharging of health services.

A statement issued yesterday said Misungwi District Hospital caters for a population of almost 316,690, attending to about 100 patients a day.

The handover ceremony for the donation was held on Monday at the hospital, and the motorbikes were presented on behalf of Tigo by the firm’s territory manager, Lake Region, Joseph Mutalemwa.

Mwanza Regional Commissioner  Ernest Ndikilo tries  one of the donated motorbikes at Misungwi District Hospital . 

The motorbikes will be used as a rapid response to a medical emergency, providing speedier healthcare for sick people, for whom transport can mean a difference between life and death.

“Access to health structures is particularly difficult in rural areas where there are long distances to cover and transport facilities are limited,” Mutalemwa said.

Read more on the News Website

Tuesday, February 7

Good stuff Tigo!

We would be remiss if we publish all our music activities, and other creative promotions in the Cultural Landscape of Tanzania without also sharing with you activities that our main PR client, TIGO, are up to.

This is a page for all our subscribers, visitors, fans and friends.  Please! We encourage you to comment on the campaigns so we can help make them better.  Your input and views are important to us.

We will be featuring TIGO CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts, as well as news and updates and sometimes the backstories behind their campaigns.  We will also be adding and updating info about Tigo's exciting range of products and services here..

So, here we go!

This week, we were busy around the country, first in Moshi, where our colleague Miriam was covering the Tigo University Attack sponsored by TIGO, on the 4th of Feb.  Here are some photos of some of the winners!

Timu ya chuo kiukuu kishiriki cha ushirika na biashara( MUCCOBS) wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja katika bonnza la michezo lililoandaliwa na kampuni ya simu za mkononi ya Tigo kabla ya mchezo kuanza.

 Meneja wa tigo wa Mkoa wa Kilimanjaro Adolph Sula akimkabidhi kikombe mshindi wa  pili katika pambano mpira kati Ya chuo cha ushirika na chuo cha Veta. Anayekabidhiwa kikombe ni nahodha wa timu ya ushirika Belinyo Ramadhani.

Meneja wa tigo wa Mkoa wa Kilimnjaro Adolph Sula akimkabidhi kikombe mshindi wa kwanza wa timu ya Veta baada  ya kuifunga timu ya chuo cha Ushirika moshi kwa penalti 5 kwa 4. Kampuni ya Tigo iliwezesha Bonanza la wanavyuo mkoani kilimanjaro ili kuhamasisha umoja, ushirikiano pamoja na kuwajengea wanavyuo tabia ya kupenda na kuthamini michezo.

Tuesday, January 10

The Saffron Sessions - and the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

It's a bit out of the way, but Saffron Restaurant presents Saffron Sessions, featuring Ashimba with friends, Samuli Jajamaki and Jussi Jaakonaho, Finnish percussionist and electric guitarist respectively..

Friday 13 Jan, 
a 5k cover.

Well worth it... .

See you on the other side!