Sunday, February 19

Authentic and original... East African Music available at All A Novel Idea shops in TZ

You know, sometimes we struggle for time to touch base on the stuff that moves our souls...

So much is going on in the music scene in East Africa, Sauti za Busara has just ended, and was an excellent break from the grind of our daily lives here in Dar, and to that end, we've picked up some great titles (which we are trying to come to agreements on to distribute here) from artists from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

In the meantime, please visit A Novel Idea Bookshop in Dar es Salaam: Oyster Bay, Steers on Samora Ave., Shoppers Plaza and the Slipway, in Arusha and in Zanzibar, for the selections below... All original East African selections we are proud to be offering.


If you are an artist and you have a CD you would like us to consider adding to our Distribution List, please email music (at)

We at Trinity Promotions and Mandugu Digital are committed to bringing authentic original music to you!  Let's do this!

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