Thursday, February 23

Call International Long Distance on TIGO: Win a paid-for trip!

Instead of just wishing you could go see your sister, cousin, boyfriend, grandma, or anyone else you call internationally, you could go to visit them in person!  We think Tigo's new International Long Distance contest is exciting because just spending 1000 Tsh on a long distance phone call automatically qualifies you!

Aileen P. Meena Post and High Segment Manager (left) clarifying a point during a press conference held at Tigo new headquarters located at Kijitonyama.
She is flanked by Alice Maro, Public Relations of Tigo

By Evodius Joseph
Tigo has introduced and international long distance promotion which will reward one lucky winner with a  trip to any destination that he or she calls the most including Canada, China, India, UK or USA.

The promotion has started from today to April 22 of this year, whereby customers who will spend more than Tshs1,000 on international calls will automatically qualify to participate.
“Given the overwhelming success of the last promotions, we’ve to give our pre-paid and postpaid subscribers yet another chance to win great prizes,” said Alice Maro, Public Relations Officer at Tigo. “Make the international call now and you could be jetting off,” she added.
In addition to that the promotion will involve 50 winners, under which the first 49 winners will be awarded Tigo bags containing Tigo T-shirt, pens, key holders and ideos smart phone. The 50th winner will be awarded the main prize, which includes a return ticket and accommodation. Details will be made available to the winner on finalizing of travel arrangements.
The 50 winners will be selected randomly in the presence of a Gaming Board inspector at the end of the promotion. Customers will contracted with numbers they used when they make international call participants must be in possession of a valid Tanzania identity document and a valid passport at the time of entry.

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