Friday, March 30

Hon. Dr. Cyril Chami opens Cutting Edge Tigo Customer Care Centre at Dar’s Mlimani City

Tigo Tanzania CFO Hilda Damas elaborates on Tigo Bima product to Hon Dr. Cyril Chami, the Minister for Industry and Trade at the newly revamped Customer Care Centre in Mlimani City Mall Dar es Salaam.

TPL says Kudos Tigo for setting a new standard in Tanzania by listening to your customers and creating such a cool space for doing business. 

Tigo Tanzania CFO Hilda Damas elaborates on Tigo Bima product to Hon Dr. Cyril Chami, the Minister for Industry and Trade aks Tigo Tanzania CFO Hilda Damas some crucial questions on Tigo Bima. 

Monday, March 26

Tigo gives 15 more tricycles to disabled group to build entrepreneur project

Tigo has completed their Tricycle handovers this past weekend, finalising the series of handovers in Arusha.

Elirusi Kaaya akikabidhiwa Baiskeli na Mstahiki Meya wa Arusha Gaudance Lyimo

Fifty disabled persons in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Arusha are now equipped not only with tricycles, but with new Tigo Pesa and Tigo Rusha businesses.  With these new ventures, the 50 stand an increased chance to to earn a living, and improve the standard of living of themselves and their families. Good Stuff.

Tigo tells us this was part of one of their ongoing CSR efforts to contribute to improving the health of Tanzanians.

READ MORE HERE in The Guardian report.

Friday, March 23

Saving Lives in Bagamoyo: Tigo - Rotary Free Medical Camp

Big-up to Tigo who last weekend sponsored the Tigo - Rotary Medical Camp, which was free.   More than 750 people came to the clinic to be tested and screened.  

Hadija having her blood pressure checked at the Tigo - Rotary Free Medical Camp -
Hadija Mwanapiadi having her blood pressure checked by 
Twitike Mwamundela during the Tigo-Rotary Free Medical Camp clinic 
at Kerege Matumbi Primary School

Rotary Club volunteer taking down patient details at Tigo - Rotary Free Medical Camp in Bagamoyo
Noah Atallah, a volunteer for Rotary Club, takes down Mohamed
Pazi's details during the registration process for the Tigo-Rotary Free
Medical Camp clinic in Kegere Primary School in Bagamoyo. 

More info in Kiswahili can be found HERE

Saturday, March 17

Tigo supports Tanzanian children through Tuchange campaign

A few days ago we posted about Tigo and their Tigo Tuchange campaign, through which they were encouraging Tigo customers to contribute to a fundraising campaign in support of education.

We are extremely happy to report that this campaign has netted about 26 Million Tanzanian Shillings which will be handed over to the HASSAN MAAJAR TRUST in support of their Desks for Children programme.

Click HERE find out more about Tigo Tuchange and the partnership with the Hassan Maajar Trust, please click

Way to go guys!

Tigo supports Tanzanian children through Tuchange campaign

Monday, March 12

Tigo tricycle handover equips new entrepreneurs

A proud mama wheels her son and her new tricycle and is ready for business. 
Tigo this past Saturday, handed 26 tricycles to members of the Association of Entrepreneurs living with Disability.  The recipients, in addition to receiving new wheels, were trained on Tigo Rusha, Tigo Pesa and agency business skills as part of Tigo's CSR programme to improve health in Tanzania.

Read the full press release here.

Saturday, March 10

Tigo raising funds for Twiga Stars

Tigo is once again raising funds to improve lives in Tanzania.  Twiga Stars national women football team are the beneficiaries.  

Tigo through its ‘Tigo Pesa’ will launch the initiative which is aimed at helping Twiga Stars to get money from Tanzanians and other soccer lovers.

The contributions will help Twiga Stars to prepare for the coming international tournament.

Read more on our CSR page HERE.

Sunday, March 4

Tigo Tuchange raises awareness and funds for Education in Tanzania!

The Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Hon. Shukulu Kawambwa cuts the tape officiating the launch of the Tigo CSR initiative  Tigo Tuchanga this past Saturday, 3rd March, 2012,  from right is the Tigo Consumer/Deputy General Manager, Diego Gutierrez and the Zena Tenga, the Managing Director of the Hassan
Maajar Trust, one of the recipients of the campaign.
Tigo Tuchange is an initiative aimed at improving primary education by assisting to provide desks, books and other needed materials to schools throughout Tanzania. This was its second effort and by all accounts it was a very successful event!

You can find more info about Tigo online by visiting their site.

And more about Tigo's Tuchange campaign of last year as well as the Hassan Maajar Trust here as sourced from Corporate Digest.

Thursday, March 1

Tigo TuChange to boost education sector

Hi all, again our guys at Tigo are leading the way when it comes to supporting education in Tanzania.  Follow this link to the Press Release for "Tigo TuChange to boost education sector", an exciting initiative that's going to happen on Saturday the 3rd of March... We can all take part and STILL make those important calls!