Monday, March 26

Tigo gives 15 more tricycles to disabled group to build entrepreneur project

Tigo has completed their Tricycle handovers this past weekend, finalising the series of handovers in Arusha.

Elirusi Kaaya akikabidhiwa Baiskeli na Mstahiki Meya wa Arusha Gaudance Lyimo

Fifty disabled persons in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Arusha are now equipped not only with tricycles, but with new Tigo Pesa and Tigo Rusha businesses.  With these new ventures, the 50 stand an increased chance to to earn a living, and improve the standard of living of themselves and their families. Good Stuff.

Tigo tells us this was part of one of their ongoing CSR efforts to contribute to improving the health of Tanzanians.

READ MORE HERE in The Guardian report.

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