Friday, April 20

Improving Children's Education - One school at a time

 Mdokonyole Primary School in Morogoro Rural is a ward school built by the local community in 2002.  It has 173 students but 5 teachers. It has 7 streams but only 2 classrooms.

In 2008, 27 students sat for the national primary exams 25 passed. In 2009, out of 35 students, 21 passed. In 2010, out of 20 students 19 passed; in 2011 out of 30 students who took the exam 26 passed. 

Despite the harsh learning environment this is the number one school in academic results in the ward.

TPL director Sauda, has embarked on a mission to mobilise, on any scale, resources to improve the environment for these talented children and dedicated teachers'. "I believe that the worst thing to waste is a child’s developing mind," she says. 

Kids at the Mdokonyole Primary School, sitting on logs on a dirt floor in one of the classrooms. 

A happy day, once the plaster has been applied! (visit the facebook page for views of the floor in various stages of being laid).

Through a face book page campaign dubbed Action Tanzania,  Tsh 2,750,000  has been raised to date with several pledges pending. 

This money is going toward plastering, flooring and provision of much needed desks.  "This is a movement and we are gaining momentum; Action Tanzania and all its supports are going to continue to raise funds for school materials and the construction of more classrooms." Sauda asserts.  

Join the Action Tanzania Group on its Facebook page. 

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