Monday, August 20

Tigo brings joy to Chakuwama and Istiqama orphanages for Eid celebrations

Tigo Public Relations Officer, Alice Maro (center), hold Hassan Amiri as he
loads into the meter the one year's supply of LUKU recently dontated to the
Chakuwama Home and Orphanage in Sinza, in celebration Eid. Looking in is Tigo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer,
Woinde Shisael.

Tigo has donated an assortment of food items to Istiqama and Chakuwama Home and Orphanage in Sinza, in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid . Chakuwama also received a year’s supply of LUKU.

The handover ceremony for the donation was held at the Chakuwama, and the food items were presented on behalf of Tigo by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer, Ms Woinde Shisael, and received by Saida Hussein (Mama Hadija) of Chakuwama  and Zaida Nuru of Istiqama.

Sacks of sugar, flour, rice, boxes of juice and gallons of cooking oil were donated to Istiqama.  One of the most immediate needs for Chakuwama is a regular source of electricity. Tigo was pleased to met this need by donating a year’s supply of LUKU to light up their home.

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