Wednesday, September 19

Tigo invests in social entrepreneur project to benefit children

At the heart of this programme is a social benefit for children.  Tigo proposes to provide salary support of 25,000usd per year to 3 social entrepreneurs a year for three years.  That would mean nine entrepreneurs would stand a chance to enter the programme.  Each entrepreneur must  follow the guidelines and requirements Tigo has set up, and their performance and progress would be gauged against Key Performance Indicators each year.  There will be a period of incubation and mentorship as well.

What we as a country stand to gain, is after 3 years the social enterprises may be in the position to lift their businesses off the ground, become sustainable and provide social benefit to children for many years into the future.

If you're a social entrepreneur and want to hand in your proposal, visit any Tigo Customer Service centre for details, or visit to apply online.

Great initiative, Tigo, keep it up.

Read details in Kiswahili below:

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