Thursday, October 25

Hassan Maajar Trust (HMT) and Tigo team up to donate desks for 2000 students in Njombe

Happy kids from Njombe receiving desks from Hassan Maajar Trust and Tigo
Tigo and HMT donate desks - kids testing them out
Studying is serious business!

Tigo and HMT donate desks in Njombe
Left to right - Executive secretary of HMT, Zena Maajar Tenga, Njombe RC retired Captain Asery Msangi  and Tigo Njombe Sales Manager Ladislaus Karlo at desk handover 

With a dire shortage of desks and classrooms in Tanzania and rural areas in particular , it was a day of jubilation at Ruhuji Primary School when the school, along with some other districts , in Njombe region, received 680 desk recently.

Njombe region was the first among 5 regions chosen at the Hassan Maajar Trust ( HMT) inaugural fundraiser in December 2011 for desk donations.

In March 2012 HMT linked up with Tigo on their 'Tigo Tuchange initiative', whereby Tigo Rusha customers had their money matched by Tigo between 11am and 12 noon on March 2nd. The funds raised went to  HMT for their  ‘’A desk for every child’ campaign.
Twenty-six million Tanzanian shillings was raised by 'Tigo Tuchange' and with these funds HMT, using local suppliers in Njombe produced 680 desks.

‘Tigo is pleased to see the money raised by its Tigo Rusha customers translate into such a worthy cause as desks, for schools in need,”  said Tigo Iringa Sales Manager Ladislaus Karlo.

At the official handover ceremony ,the desks were received by the Njombe Regional Commissioner (rt) captain Asery Msangi on behalf of the region and the districts . The receipient districts were Njombe, Makete,Ludewa and Wangi’ngombe. HMT and Tigo were represented by executive director, Zena Maajar Tenga and Iringa Sales Manager for Tigo, Ladislaus Karlo respectively.

Tigo support SME Forums to invigorate SME business

The Tigo Mwanza Team welcomed more than 300 entrepreneurs and SME reps at a business forum, aimed at networking, improving communication and assisting SMEs to grow.

Tigo launches SME forums and Teleco Solutions
Herbert Louis of Tigo introduces himself to the attendees and goes on to explain about Tigo Telco Solutions

Tigo SME Forum MC engages with attendees
Costatine Magavilla the MC for the evening engages with attendees
There was also a presentation on how to have more success applying for a bank loan from Ridhiwani Kassimu, Relationship Officer, NBC Bank, Mwanza.