Tuesday, April 23

Kids Rock 2013 hits The Little Theatre in Dar es Salaam - Opening show this Friday 26 April, 2013

A fantastic music production opens this Friday at The Little Theatre in Dar es Salaam.  The youthful cast of 120 kids from across the city have been undertaking an intense rehearsal schedule to prepare for the series of shows.

We, as supporters of all things creative and cultural, (and, ahem, as parents!) encourage you to come out in support of youth musical theatre.

The shows to be showcased are The Little Mermaid, which resonates for anyone born in the 80s, not to mention their parents, The Jungle Book, which hit homes on cassettes (even 8-tracks!) in the early 70s (not to date anyone... :| ) and Tween Mixer, which to be sure, hits a huge home run for almost everyone globally under eighteen.

All directors, parents and other supporters of this production, including main sponsor, Spur, encourage all in Dar to pick up their tickets which are:

Members: 22,000/-
Non-Members: 25,000/-
Kids:  20,000/-

Show dates and times are on the poster above..

Welcome all!

Tuesday, April 2

Haba na Haba Contemporary Dance Workshop - application deadline this week!

Watch this video promoting Haba na Haba 2013.... application forms due this week, auditions this Saturday April 6th! We're looking for 25 dancers this year.. 

Visit www.asedeva.com to fill in the online application form, and if you need more info please call 0715 530 037.

Habari yako! Siku nane zimesalia kufikia kikomo cha kuchukua fomu na kujisajili kushiriki Haba na Haba Contemporary Dance Training workshop usipoteze fursa hii ya kukutana na wachezaji na walimu wazoefu kutoka mataifa mbalimbali, wahi sasa kuhakikisha humo. Kwa maelezo zaidi piga 0715530037.