Friday, August 2

GAIN this week launches the "Marketplace for Nutritious Foods" in Tanzania

Bonnie McClafferty, Director. Agriculture and Nutrition, GAIN. 
 The Global Alliance for improved nutrition (GAIN) has recently launched the Marketplace for nutritious foods program inTanzania.The program provides a platform and an environment where entrepreneurs can start producing nutritious foods for communities.
The Marketplace is a community of businesses;small, medium and large scale that includes government, academia and investors, that want to bring nutritious foods to market.
GAIN has Marketplaces through out the world and brings a wealth of experience on new agricultural technologies,exchanges,networking,training opportunities and dialogue across the sectors.
The Marketplace has very specific indicators to ensure that more entrepreneurs are actually producing nutritious foods.It also has a granting mechanism whereby concepts will be reviewed by a Tanzanian technical committee.Successful submissions will be issued grants to test these inventions in order to ensure that are viable, affordable and making a real contribution to nutrition and are meeting the needs of the country. 
GAIN will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have a bankable business plan with help from business planning experts,hence ensuring sustainability.
USAID has been at the forefront of financing the program as part of its larger “Feed the future program”.
Tanzania provides a multi donor platform with more and more bilateral donors, government and investors  seeing this as an opportunity to get more ideas into the Marketplace for nutritious foods.
Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office, Mr. Charles Pallangyo speaking at the Launch. 

Dr. CJ Jones making introductory remarks. 

Greg Garrett of GAIN, elaborating on nutrition. 

Sharon C, Mission Director, USAID, giving a vote of thanks, at the launch. 

Jennifer Baarns of SAGCOT asking a question. 

Obey Assery, Director,  PM's office making a point. 

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