Sunday, August 18

Goodbye Bafana showing at Nafasi Artspace this Tuesday, 20 Aug

Excitement is mounting for us this week since we're preparing a great menu for you for the Filamu Lounge night at Nafasi Artspace on Tuesday, 20th August. It's coordinated by Get Real Training and Nafasi. 
GOODBYE BAFANA- A memoir of Nelson Mandela's prison guard, James Gregory, a Caucasian Afrikaner who came of age on a farm in the Trenskei and initially views all blacks as subhuman. As the friendship between Gregory and Mandela grows and matures, it symbolises Africa's transition from the oppressiveness of apartheid to the freedom of multiracial democracy.Don't forget, Nafasi Art Space has a cash bar and delicious sweet and savoury snacks from Sweet Rebel Home Bakes who will be at Nafasi and selling from 6pm, so you can chill with a good quiche, sandwich or muffin before the movie, starts at 7:30pm!  

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