Saturday, September 21


Hi everyone!
We at Trinity are always excited to announce our favourite weekend activities... now, the trick this weekend, and the good thing, really, is that they both are happening on the same day!

Saturday the 28th of September, 2013, We're booking you!  It's a date, in fact, it's two dates!

First of all is the Farmer's Market at Oyster Bay Shopping Centre, from 10am to 4pm, and then end your day at the glorious Chap Chap Decorate event at Nafasi Artspace, 4:30 pm to 10pm or so.

See the post in the Sweet Rebel Home Bakes website!

Monday, September 16

"Paradise Stop" a Film featuring at Nafasi Artspace - Tuesday 17 Sept, 2013 from 18:30!

As always, we're excited that Nafasi Artspace together with Get Real Training are screening another amazing film.  This time, "Paradise Stop", a Jann Turner Film. 

Come early for a drink and to nibble on some sambusa, mishikaki and of course Sweet Rebel Home Bakes will be onsite with their home baked wares, both sweet and savour. 

Saturday, September 7

Enika and Dunga performing at Peroni Jazz Sunday VII at Velisa's Jamaican Restaurant

You know how scarcity creates demand? This is some exciting news, right here..  A couple weeks ago, the spirit took Enika and Ambrose Dunga by the shoulders and said, get up onto that stage! and did they ever.

So, here comes the demand part. They've been asked to join the line up again.  They'll do some old, some new, some jamming and some (r &) blues..  *smile.. I'll wait for the SOUL to pop through..

Hope you can find some time to chill with us at this event at Velisa's, put on biweekly by Peroni.