About us

At Trinity Pro-Motions, we care about your product or message and how it’s being delivered to your target market or audience.  We take extreme effort to deliver our services and products with three things in mind: quality, timeliness and professionalism. 
Our work in social messaging and development is extensive and includes marketing; community, media and public relations; coordinating well-attended public forums; event management; publication and website conceptualization and execution; new-media products for radio, TV, print and web formats; creative entrepreneurship workshop coordination; youth development via creative training; international and local concert tours and workshop coordination as well as festival planning and coordination.
Our work in the Creative Sector covers planning, coordinating and monitoring large creative sector projects around the country.  We also develop and manage professional services for creative clients including live gigs, album/CD projects and distribution. We work very closely with Mandugu Digital Studios on creative projects including event production, audio production and post-production (both creative and commercial), documentary, TV and feature film scoring.
Among our esteemed clients are the British Council, International Labor Organization (ILO), The European Union, the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources (Tanzania) as well as The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Royal Danish Embassy.
Trinity Promotions Ltd. is a consultancy established in 2001 based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  We operate under two directors, one of whom, Sauda Simba is active in the company, and a Project Manager, Leanne Martin-Pollock.  

P.O. Box 22712,
Dar es Salaam,


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